Congratulations Roderick, THP Tech of the Month!

Texas Hose Pro Roderick

Congrats to Roderick for being named Tech of the Month during our biggest month ever!

Your dedication to quality work and customer service is truly inspiring. Keep up the great work!

Also, big shoutout to @equipment_share and Bane Machinery for their words of support.

Roderick Texas Hose Pro tech of the month
Texas Hose Pro Tech of the Month: Roderick

Shenita Nash (nita_bita85) writes on Instagram:

I’m one proud Wife 👏🏾👏🏾..keep up the hardwork Mr. Nash ❤️💪🏾!!

About Texas Hose Pro:  Texas Hose Pro is the leader in hydraulic hose maintenance & repair in the Dallas and Fort Worth markets.  Texas Hose Pro provides a 24/7 hydraulic repair and on-site hose replacement with an ETA of 1 Hour or less.  Founded by visionary entrepreneur Jim Lager, Texas Hose Pro celebrated its fourth year of record-breaking growth with expansion into a new headquarters and the launch of its own American Hose Pro brand of hydraulic hoses and fittings.

Visit our new location:

texas hose pro location

3160 Commonwealth Drive, Suite 130,

Dallas, Texas 75247

Phone:  214.631.8600

Website:  TexasHosePro.Com

In addition to leading Texas Hose Pro and American Hose Pro through a period of record growth, Jim Lager is working on a book and coaching series on starting and growing a successful business titled “Why Smart People Fail.” 

Watch for Jim Lager’s upcoming book “Why Smart People Fail,” Jim’s 40-year labor of love and entrepreneurship.

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