Hydraulic Hose Crimping Service

Hydraulic machines require hoses and components that can handle extreme pressure effectively and efficiently. When a component is weakened or broken, the entire system is at risk of dangerous breakdowns. The Texas Hose Pro team ensures that your hydraulic system is in optimal condition to prevent expensive and hazardous accidents.

What is Hydraulic Hose Crimping?

Since hydraulic hoses are exposed to high amounts of pressure, the hose fittings used must be secure and strong.

Hose crimping is the process of attaching a hydraulic hose fitting with extreme force and 360-degree contact. This is done with a crimping machine that simultaneously holds the hose in place while using a die and die ring to overlay and conjoin the fitting.

Types of Hose Crimpers

Tere are multiple types of crimpers that can each be used for different tasks. It’s imperative to use the correct crimper in order to prevent over or under crimping.

  • Handheld Crimpers:

    Handheld crimpers are portable and can be transported easily in a vehicle. These are typically lever actioned or air pressed.

  • Bench-Mounted Crimpers:

    These hose crimpers are stationary and pack a powerful punch. Bench-mounted crimpers use electricity and air power to provide a tightly crimped edge.

Dangers of Improper Hose Crimping

When a hydraulic hose isn’t crimped correctly, it can lead to catastrophic consequences. Since these hoses hold so much pressure, a burst could cause serious injury and costly damage to the machine. It’s important to ensure your hoses are crimped correctly, everytime.

Overcrimping: Overcrimping your fittings can lead to a blocked hose. This constricts the fluid, typically causing hose bubbling and bursts.

Undercrimping: Undercrimping can lead to loose fittings that blow off under pressure, leading to damaged equipment and safety hazards.

Professional Hose Crimping

Professional Hose Crimping Texas Hose Pro offers professional crimping services so you never have to worry about the condition of your crimp. Our experts are experienced in all types of hoses and machinery to ensure that your hose and fitting are properly attached every time.