Jim Lager Success Secrets 3: People, then Profits

People, then Profits:

For some companies, business is all about profits.

Of course, successful businesses must be profitable.

However, I have a different philosophy on how to get there.

I believe that if you put people first, the profits will come.

And continue to come.

Happy Employees Create Happy Customers

I believe that if one takes care of their employees, the employees will take care of their customers.

At Texas Hose Pro, I ask a lot of our employees.

The work can be hard and stressful.

The hours can include weekends and holidays.

Often times, they must service customers who are also under stress, often in difficult or crisis situations.

I’m always looking for ways to keep things fun, to provide some recognition for their hard work.

We have sales contests. Tailgating parties. Family cookouts.

We are always looking for ways to enjoy some times together and say thanks.

And we invite our valued customers to participate whenever we can.

At Texas Hose Pro, We Have Fun & Succeed Together

Work hard, play hard.

It’s more than a slogan.

At Texas Hose Pro, it’s how we roll!

Cheers! And Happy Holidays!

Jim Lager

CEO & Founder Texas Hose Pro, American Hose Pro

NOTE: Texas Hose Pro founder Jim Lager is commemorating his fourth year as an independent business owner by launching his “Shot of Lager” blog post series. In this series, Jim shares lessons he’s learned in four decades of growing successful service businesses, including the principles he’s used to grow his pandemic-era success stories Texas Hose Pro & American Hose Pro. This is Post 3 of the series.

Jim Lager

CEO & Founder

Texas Hose Pro, American Hose Pro