Lager’s Law Drives Growth of Texas Hose Pro

Murphy’s Law, Lager’s Law & Other Secrets to Our Success.

2022 was an amazing, record-breaking year for Texas Hose Pro… and 2023 will be even better!

In just our third full year in business, we have already:

  • Moved into a larger, more efficient location.
  • Continued to break our own quarterly sales records.
  • Established ourselves as the #1 industry service provider in the Dallas region (if not all of Texas!).
  • Launched our own product line & national brand: American Hose Pro!

What’s the Secret to Texas Hose Pro’s Success?

Texas Hose Pro (THP) was founded on two laws: Murphy’s Law & Lager’s Law.

Murphy’s Law states:

If something CAN go wrong, it WILL go wrong… & usually at the worst possible time.

While some entrepreneurs dream of opening a restaurant or gourmet coffee shop, I focused on providing an essential service (emergency hydraulic hose repair) to businesses that provide essential services (healthcare, construction, manufacturing, oil & gas,etc.).

True to Murphy’s Law, immediately after opening my new business, the country was slammed by the largest pandemic in history.

But while COVID 19 has had a devastating effect on many businesses, new or established, Texas Hose Pro was already prepared for the worst.

We started strong and have continued to grow… as have many of our customers.

Our growing list of essential service provider customers are not only surviving; they’re continuing to thrive in this new, practical, results-oriented economy.

The devastating pandemic has had at least one benefit: making clear which services are essential and resilient… and which are not.

Why Texas Hose Pro is Ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 352 days per year

Our customers provide vital services… If their hydraulic hose fails or needs replacing, they need a solution FAST.

Whether they’re running an assembly line, providing power to a city, loading trucks with a forklift or constructing a hospital, their work and productivity comes to a stop when Murphy comes to call.

Business hours? Murphy’s Law knows no business hours. Murphy’s favorite time to come calling is weekends, holidays, the hottest day of summer, and the coldest winter night. Somehow he always knows your vacation plans… and can ruin them accordingly

That’s why Texas Hose Pro provides emergency service and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 352 days per year.

Jim Lager’s Law: Prepare for the Worst

In addition to Murphy’s Law, I founded Texas Hose Pro with another law in mind… one that I named Lager’s Law.

Lager’s Law states:

Always expect the worst & you’ll never be disappointed.

Unfortunately, if something CAN go wrong with your hydraulic hoses (and believe me, it can), it WILL go wrong eventually.

When things go wrong, call us at Texas Hose Pro.

Better yet, call us now to schedule an inspection and hear how our preventative maintenance program can head off emergencies BEFORE they happen.

Happy New Year… and thanks for reading!

NOTE: Texas Hose Pro founder Jim Lager is commemorating his fourth year as an independent business owner by launching his “Shot of Lager” blog post series. In this series, Jim shares lessons he’s learned in four decades of growing successful service businesses, including the principles he’s used to grow his pandemic-era success stories Texas Hose Pro & American Hose Pro. This is the first of the series.

Jim Lager

CEO & Founder

Texas Hose Pro, American Hose Pro