On-Site Hydraulic Crimpers

Proper hose crimping is an integral part of correctly running hydraulic machinery. If the hose crimps are too loose, they may blow off when under pressure, causing machine breakage and even injury. If crimps are too tight, the hoses may fray or scar, leading to machinery malfunction. Texas Hose Pro is here to help with all your hydraulic hose crimping needs. Whether you’re looking for a hose crimping service, or you’re looking to crimp your own, we’re here to help!

Mobile hose crimper

A New Way For Crimping Your Hydraulic Hoses

When you need hose crimping, you don’t always have time to wait for service. Now, Texas Hose Pro offers a quicker way to get your hoses crimped. Our professionals will install a bench-mounted crimping machine and provide guidance on how to properly crimp your own hoses. Say goodbye to long waits for a crimper service. Should you have a problem crimping your hose, our experts are only a call away to offer guidance and onsite instruction.

Our new Do-It-Yourself hose crimper service provides your company with self-service and professional service all in one!

We provide you with:

  • Professional grade crimper machine
  • Onsite expert training for you and your staff
  • 24/7 advice and guidance

Traditional Hose Crimping Services

If you don’t want the hassle of measuring and crimping your own hoses, our experts still provide professional crimping services. The Texas Hose Pro professionals can quickly and accurately crimp all of your hydraulic hoses to ensure proper performance and pressure. When you need hydraulic hose repair, replacement, or crimping, our experts have got you covered.

Mobile hose crimper

When it comes to hydraulic machinery, Texas Hose Pro is at the top of the industry. We deliver 24/7 hydraulic service along with scheduled maintenance and parts replacement. Don’t take chances with your machinery. Call the pros for all your hydraulic needs!

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