Hoses & Fittings

Texas Hose Pro makes it easy to order new hoses & fittings for all hydraulic applications Hoses are one of the most important, and one of the most fragile, parts of your hydraulic system. Rubber products are flexible and convenient, offering you exceptional strength without the rigidity of steel pipes, but they can also wear down easily and cost a lot to continually replace if you do not have the right industrial hoses and the right installation.

Keeping Your Hoses Working Longer

There are a few different things that can quickly wear down your industrial hoses, so it’s important to avoid them when possible to prolong the life of your hoses and save your company money. These include:

  • Improper routing of existing hoses, which is the main cause of premature hose failure.
  • Not having the right hoses for the amount of operating pressure you need.
  • Not accounting for pressure surges that may occur.
  • Operating at higher temperatures than the hoses are rated to accommodate.
  • Not storing the hoses at an optimal ambient temperature in the areas of the machinery.
  • Exposing hoses to chemicals that can degrade them over time.
  • Using hoses for vacuum service that are not designed for it.
  • Having improper fittings at either end of the hose.

Proper Fittings

Often the weakest part of the hose is the fittings on either end. It is critical that you have the right fittings, and you have them properly secured, in order to preventing leaking and spilling on the ends of the hose.

Hose Analysis

If you are not sure whether your hoses might be exposed to some of these detrimental items, or you are experiencing leaks and spills from improper fittings, come talk to the expert technicians and Texas Hose Pro. We have years of experience working in the industry and can help you identify areas where you might want to reinforce the system, or let you know if some parts should be replaced. We can also help with upkeep and maintenance for the hydraulic parts so you can keep your industrial hoses working longer and spend less on your system over time.

Call us today or send us a message to get your expert hose analysis from one of our professional and friendly technicians!