Hydraulic Hose Assemblies & Fittings

Don’t leave hydraulic hose assemblies & fitting repairs to anyone but the best

Hydraulic hose assemblies & fittings are a critical component of your system, ensuring the flow of fluid and power, but they do not last forever. Some of the most common reasons that hoses fail prematurely include:

  • Improper routing that causes abrasions
  • Operating pressure higher than the hose is capable of handling
  • Pressure surges that exceed relief valve settings
  • High operating temperatures that degrade the rubber
  • Extremely high or low temperatures in the surrounding area
  • Exposure to mildew, chemicals, oil, and cleaning solvents


We can help you get the best hydraulic hose assemblies & fittings because we work with OEMs to ensure that our components are compatible and interchangeable with all major brands and systems. We also offer custom work to help you get exactly what you need to satisfy even the most unique design.

Reduce Defects & Costs

The industrial hoses and fittings we offer are top-of-the-line products, manufactured to reduce defects and lower costs. The right hose will be able to convey high pressure along even a large distance with flexibility to accommodate your surroundings. Strong industrial hoses and fittings with proper installation can help lower your overall operating costs by allowing you to work longer and replace your components fewer times during operation. Getting the right fittings at either end of that hose will also ensure it is able to handle the pressure of your system without leaking or spilling.

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