Jose Barraza Texas Hose Pro

Jose Barraza

Since 2011, Jose Barraza has been designing, repairing, and fabricating hydraulic systems and hoses for Jim Lager and Texas Hose Pro. He has seen the company go from a small hydraulics company with 3-4 vans to a multi-location booming business with 12 vans. He says he is glad to work with the Texas Hose Pro team and is thankful for the people and environment with whom he works.

The lead fabricator loves that every day holds a new experience for him. He also enjoys creating new ways to solve problems and enjoys “finding a way for things to work.

Jose is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to his work, and likes to see his finished projects in action. He recalls one project in particular with over 300 hose replacements. “It’s good to see a completed job that looks clean and professional.”

After the work is done, Jose lets off steam as an avid runner. In fact, he participated and timed 26.2 in the Dec 2021 BMW Marathon held in Dallas. He has also participated and received accommodations for 2020 and 2021 Cowtown Marathons along with multiple other races and competitions. He says this helps him feel good and stay healthy while getting rid of the stress of the week.

At Texas Hose Pro, Owner, Jim Lager expresses his deepest regards for Jose, saying that, “He is one of the best employees I’ve ever had. He’s hardworking and always ready to get the job done.”

Texas Hose Pro would like to thank Jose Barraza for an incredible decade of hard work and dedication.