The Texas Hose Pro Commitment to Customer Service

In 2010, Jim Lager had a vision.

With a passion for customer service that never stops, Mr. Lager saw an opportunity to provide customers with exceptional, industry-leading customer service and first-rate product quality at a fair price. Thus, JBL Hose Services began its humble beginning in Dallas, Tx.

Today, Texas Hose Pro is the anchor of that vision. Serving North Texas for over 10 years, Texas Hose Pro aims to set the standard for the level of customer service their customers expect.

“If our customers don’t feel it’s simple and easy to work with Texas Hose Pro, we’re doing something wrong,” said Jessica Gilbreath, Texas Hose Pro General Manager, and a 10 year veteran in the business. “We take enormous pride in taking care of our customers. They’re our lifeblood, and deserve our ‘A Game,’ every time.”

Today, Texas Hose Pro offers solutions for every conceivable hose requirement. Specializing in custom fabrication of stainless steel metal hose, and onsite service 24/7 with industry-leading Quality Assurance customer service that’s second to none, our goal is for you to say “we got up and running with Texas Hose Pro”.

Texas Hose Pro Services Include:

hydraulic industrial hoses
Mobile Hydraulic Repair:

Get onsite repair for your hydraulic systems, 24-hrs/day. Our experts are equipped with a fully-stocked mobile hydraulics repair unit to ensure a quick repair that gets your hydraulic system working again, fast.

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hydraulic industrial hoses
Custom Hydraulic System Design:

Don’t take chances with your hydraulic system design. Our seasoned experts will guide you through every step to ensure safe and productive hydraulic system development.

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oil spill services provided by Texas Hose Pro
Hydraulic Hose Cleaning:

Keeping your hydraulic equipment in great shape is imperative to its function and performance. Our pros care foreach hose and part to ensure a long life and safe operation of your hydraulic system.

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oil spill services provided by Texas Hose Pro
Oil Spill Services:

Following safety protocols and environmental regulations is a top priority when it comes to oil or other hazardous spills. Our team is efficient and thorough to ensure all guidelines, laws, and requirements are covered.

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